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Here are some photos I took while on a business trip to Manassas, VA. I was lucky enough to make it down to Washington D.C for an afternoon. Let the page load for a minute, then each picture will be downloaded and ready for viewing at full-size without further waiting.

Pictures: Click on the pictures below to see the full-size version.
The Capitol building from the base of the Washington Memorial.
The Washington Memorial.
Reflecting pool and the Lincoln Memorial in the distance.
The World War 2 Memorial.
Lincoln statue within the Lincoln Memorial.
The Lincoln Memorial.
Me near the Lincoln Memorial.
The Vietnam Memorial.
The backside of the White House.
The front of the White House.
The Capitol at night.
I needed to excercise, so what better than a peak to run up.
The road used to jog on.
Limited summit views.
Pittsburg from 30,000'.
Clouds that were higher than the plane at our 38,000' cruising altitude.
Sunset on the Great Salt Lake.

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