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Sawtooth Lake (2 Trips)

This is Mount Regan from Sawtooth Lake during trip 2.

Trip Report (October 17th, 1999):
I could not pass up on great late season weather, so I headed up to the Sawtooths to scout climbs of Alpine Peak and Mt. Regan. During this trip, I got a couple of great shots of Mt. Regan and Sawtooth Lake... enjoy!

From Stanley, drive 4 miles north to the Iron Creek road. After a couple miles, the road reaches the developed Iron Creek transfer camp, where parking and information is available.

Follow the signed trail about 3 miles to Alpine Lake. From there, the trail switchbacks up to Sawtooth Lake in about 2 miles. From Sawtooth Lake, you have trails heading west and south. I explored the one to the west on the first trip and went south under Mount Regan on my second trip.

Photos (Trip 1):
Un-named lake on the approach to Sawtooth Lake.
Granite Formation to the north of the trail.
Alpine Peak from the trail.
Alpine Lake from the trail.

Photos (Trip 2):
The rugged east face of Mount Regan.

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