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Ryan Peak - 11,714 feet

The view of Ryan Peak from the south. We are about 500 feet below the peak at this point.

Trip Report (August 4, 2001):

Here is my trip report for Ryan Peak, the highest peak in Idaho's Boulder mountains.

Trip stats:
Time: 8 hours
Length: 12 miles
Elevation Gain: 5,000 feet
Class (difficulty): 2

Drive: Take Idaho 75 north about 5 miles and turn right at the SNRA headquarters. From there, follow the road (which soon turns dirt) about 5 miles to its end. At the road's end, look for the signed North Fork trail.

Climb: Hike on the North Fork trail along the north fork of the Big Wood River for about 2 miles. At that point, you reach the head of the canyon. Take a right (east) when the trail splits. Follow the trail to West Pass. From West Pass, head due east and gain the ridge heading toward the saddle between Ryan and Kent Peaks. Once on the ridge, follow a goat trail to the saddle. From the saddle, turn north (still following the goat trail) to the summit of Ryan Peak.

Kent Peak (11,664) as seen from Ryan Peak.
Looking north at the White Cloud Peaks.
Looking west at Glassford Peak, another Boulder giant.
Looking down on some lakes at the base of Ryan Peak.

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