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Meade Peak (9,957 feet)

Meade Peak viewed from the Right Hand Fork canyon after our ascent.

Trip Report (6/16/2002):
Meade Peak is the highpoint of the Caribou national forest, Preuss mountains, Caribou and Bear Lake counties, and the second highest mountain south of the Snake River in Idaho. With a resume like that, it was not a suprise that it made for a terrific climb. From the top, Bear Lake, Grand Teton, and numerous other landmarks are clearly visible. Also of note is the summit register, which contains some humorous material collected in that last year and a half. During our summit, we even heard a wolf howl twice in the nearby Meade Basin. I highly recommend a climb of the peak!

Trip stats:
Time: 5 hours
Length: 5 miles
Elevation Gain: 3,000 feet
Class (difficulty): 2

From Georgetown, Idaho drive east into Georgetown Canyon. After about 3 miles, turn right onto the signed Right Hand Fork road. At first, this road is decent, but becomes a paint eater after a while - glad we took Zach's rig ;). Just follow the main track up the canyon until you reach a clearing near the end with a fire ring of white rocks. We camped here.

From the clearing, follow the atv track up the creek until it ends. From the end, make your way to the south ridge of Meade Peak (make sure you are far enough south to avoid harder climbing around the numerous rock pinnacles). From the ridge, walk to the top of the peak. Getting to the ridge is the only difficult aspect of this ascent.

Pictures: Click on the pictures below to see the full-size version.
Meade Peak at sunset.
Base camp!
Looking down at base camp from the summit.
The summit of Meade Peak from the south ridge.
The city of Georgetown and Sherman Peak from the summit.
Summit and summit drift.
View south with Bear Lake visible.
Rock pinnacles seen on the way down.
Gully with spring used on descent.

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