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Idaho's Fifty Finest

This list is based on prominence. For an explanation on prominence, click here.

Compiled 2000 by Edward Earl (you will need to remove the ".no_uce" to email Edaward) and
Andy Martin

This list is published in the book County High Points.

To date, I have climbed 30 of the 50 peaks.

Borah PeakBorah Peak5,982+6,680- (40)Donkey Creek7/31/1999
Diamond PeakDiamond Peak5,377+6,820- (20)Monida ID/MT7/7/2001
He/She DevilHe Devil5,200+4,200- (40)New MeadowsN/A
Hyndman PeakHyndman Peak4,809+7,200- (40)Dickey Peak10/9/2000
Scotchman PeakScotchman Peak4,649+2,360- (40)Ibex Peak MT7/9/2004
Cache PeakCache Peak4,459+5,880- (40)Mustang Draw NV7/29/2001
Scott PeakScott Peak ID/MT4,200+7,160- (20)Gilmore Summit7/24/2004
Black Pine PeakBlack Pine Peak4,066+5,320- (40)Kelton Pass ID/UT11/24/2006
Castle PeakBoulder Chain Lakes4,015+7,800- (40)Rock Roll Canyon9/21/2002
Oxford PeakOxford4,002+5,280- (20)Buist6/20/2004
White MountainTwin Peaks3,762+6,680- (20)Elk Meadow09/06/2009
Sedgwick PeakSedgwick Peak3,637+5,530- (10)Grace Power Plant6/16/2002
Mount McGuireMount McGuire3,522+6,560- (40)Opal LakeN/A
Elkhorn PeakElkhorn Peak3,495+5,600- (40)Malad SummitN/A
North TwinSunset Peak3,441+7,640- (40)Warren MountainN/A
Sturgill PeakSturgill Peak3,429+4,160- (40)Advent Gulch11/18/2001
Buffalo HumpBuffalo Hump3,418+5,520- (40)Three Prong Mtn.N/A
Bonneville PeakBonneville Peak3,391+5,880- (20)Dunn Basin6/15/2002
Mount JeffersonMount Jefferson3,363+6,840- (40)Hidden Lake Bench ID/MTN/A
Peak 7709Pyramid Peak3,349+4,360-(40)Continental Mtn. ID/BC7/8/2004
Smoky DomeSmoky Dome3,255+6,840- (40)Dollarhide Mtn.7/10/1999
Queen MountainEastport3,232+2,880- (40)Hall MountainN/A
Deep Creek PeakDeep Creek Peak3,228+5,520- (40)Sweetzer Canyon6/17/2002
Ryan PeakRyan Peak3,194+8,520- (40)Horton Peak8/4/2001
Cuddy MountainCuddy Mountain3,187+4,680- (40)Rocky Comfort Flat10/21/2001
Big BaldyBig Baldy3,185+6,520- (40)Bernard Mountain10/5/2004
Hayden PeakCinnabar Mountain3,123+5,280- (20)Triangle Reservoir5/27/2001
Caribou Mtn.Caribou Mountain3,083+6,720- (20)Caribou MountainN/A
Snowbank Mtn.Tripod Peak3,080+5,240- (40)Meadows10/13/2002
North Loon Mtn.Enos Lake2,9746,348Oro MountainN/A
Old Tom MountainHawkins2,893+5,840- (40)Dairy CreekN/A
Patrick ButtePatrick Butte2,881+5,960- (40)Black TipN/A
Dickey PeakDickey Peak2,821+8,320- (40)Borah Peak8/23/2001
Hoodoo MountainBlanchard2,809+2,310- (10)EdgemereN/A
Hawley MountainHawley Mountain2,792+6,960- (40)Hawley MountainN/A
Blacktail Mtn.Cocolalla2,760+2,200- (20)Bayview N/A
Big Elk Mtn.Big Elk Mtn.2,716+6,760- (20)HermanN/A
Shafer ButteShafer Butte2,702+4,880- (40)Placerville 11/30/2001
Rhodes PeakRhodes Peak2,690+5,240- (40)Lolo Hot Springs ID/MT8/29/2004
Mica PeakRockford Bay2,661+2,580- (20)Setters ID/WA07/13/2008
Smiley MountainSmiley Mountain2,628+8,880- (40)Star Hope Mine7/8/2000
Lone Pine PeakLone Pine Peak2,600+7,080- (40)Lone Pine PeakN/A
Cape Horn Mtn.Cape Horn Lakes2,566+6,960- (40)Bull Trout Pt. 7/27/2002
Big Creek PeakBig Creek Peak2,5178,833Iron Creek PointN/A
Grave PeakGrave Peak2,482+5,800- (40)Cedar RidgeN/A
Meade PeakMeade Peak2,477+7,480- (40)Meade Peak6/16/2002
Lem PeakLem Peak2,465+8,520- (40)Mogg MountainN/A
Cottonwood ButteKeuterville2,450+3,280- (40)FennN/A
Thompson PeakStanley Lake2,431+8,320- (40)Galena7/19/2003
Big Southern ButteBig So. Butte2,380+5,180- (20)Serviceberry Butte5/11/2002


Prominence is the elevation difference between a peak and the lowest contour that encircles it and no higher summit.

One way to describe prominence it is to imagine the ocean rising to the top of peak X. Then gradually drop the water level, like draining a bathtub. Peak X will be on a small island that gets larger as the water level drops. Continue dropping the water until the island merges with another island with a higher peak. The point where the islands first touched is the prominence determining saddle. The prominence of peak X is its height above the water when the islands first touched.

Of course if Peak X is the high point of a Hawaiian island, we don't have to go through all this, the prominence is exactly the same as height above sea level.

How to read the elevation notations:

For example: Borah 5,982+ 6,680+ (40)

5,982+ is the prominence elevation above the saddle.

6,680+ (40) means the 6,680 foot contour lies just above the saddle, and the map has 40 foot contour spacing. Thus the actual saddle elevation is in the range 6,680 to 6,720.

Another explanation, Borah summit has a prominence of 5982 feet or more, and the prominence determining saddle is around 6680 feet.

To compute, total elevation = prominence + saddle elevation.

12,662 = 5,982 + 6,680

Copyright 2000 by Edward Earl (you will need to remove the ".no_uce" to email Edaward) and Andy Martin

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