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Fiesta Bowl: Boise State Broncos 43       Oklahoma Sooners 42

I have been going to Bronco games since 1986. After a 4-year stint in the Air Force, I attened and graduated from Boise State. We have had football season tickets for about 10 years now.

When it became apparent that Boise State was going to the Fiesta Bowl, we decided we had to go. While there, I got in a peak (Piestewa Peak). Piestewa Peak (formerly known as Squaw Peak) was very cool peak that is pristine and rises right up in the middle of town. I have photos of that, the Fiesta Bowl parade, the Fiesta Bowl block party (which incl. 200,000 people, a BSU pep rally, and a Third Eye Blind concert), and most importantly the Boise State/Oklahoma game in the Fiesta Bowl.

That game turned out to be the best football game I have ever seen. I have never been through so many ups and downs in my life. The excitement all started when Oklahoma got within 8 points of the Broncos. OU drove and scored a touchdown to make it 28-26. 3 agonizing 2-point conversion attempts later, they tied the score at 28-28. With about a minute left, OU picked off a pass and scored, ripping the hearts out of the Bronco fans and seemingly sealing a 35-28 win. However, BSU would cross the 50 yard line on a long pass, then on 4th and 18, converted a 50-yard TD pass on a hook and ladder play to tie the game at 35-35 with 7 seconds left. Then in overtime after a Oklahoma score, BSU would need a 4th down pass from their running back to make it 42-41. They went for 2, making it on the most perfectly executed Statue of Liberty play I have witnessed. Pandemonium broke out in the Bronco section. I have never been hugged, lifted, and kissed by so many strangers in my life.

The highs and lows of the final minutes of the game and overtime left us exhausted during timeouts and me with a splitting headache from the crowd noise and yelling. What a game! What a trip!


The family outside the stadium before the game.
The field well before kickoff.
The field during the national anthem.
My daughter posing with the mayor after the game.
Boise State band at the Fiesta Bowl Parade.
Pep Rally at the block party.
Third Eye Blind at the block party, best concert I have ever been to.
Piestewa Peak before the hike.
Piestewa Peak during the hike.
Me on the summit.
Giant Saguaro cactus.
More cactus.
Downtown Phoenix from the summit.
Looking west, notice the pointed shadow.
The top of Hoover Dam.
More of Hoover Dam.

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