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Deep Creek Peak (8,748 feet)

Deep Creek Peak viewed in the evening from the Arbon Valley.

Trip Report (6/17/2002):
Deep Creek Peak is the highpoint of the Deep Creek mountains in southeast Idaho. The peak is in a beautiful area of tall grass and thick forests. The drive up Knox Canyon road from the Arbon Valley is great, with green everywhere.

After spending a night near the west ridge, Zach and I climbed the west ridge to the summit. The hike starts out of a brushy, semi-forested ridge, that provides a challenge as it roller coasters up to the peak itself. Once on the mountain, the ridge becomes bare and a very easy terrain to hike on.

From the top, the view in all directions is pleasant. The pointed Bannock Peak rises to your north. Cache Peak is in view to your southwest. The Arbon Valley and Curlew grasslands are in plain view to the east.

Trip stats:
Time: 3 hours 45 minutes
Length: 5 miles
Elevation Gain: 2,000 feet
Class (difficulty): 2

From Rockland, drive south and take Big Canyon road to the saddle at the start of the west ridge. From Pauline, drive south and turn onto Know Canyon road and follow it to the aforementioned summit.

Hike the west ridge, which starts out as a jeep trail (for 1/8th of a mile tops). It then drops to a saddle, before finally climbing up and onto the western slopes of the peak.

Map of the Route:

Pictures: Click on the pictures below to see the full-size version.
Bannock Peak from the summit.
Deep Creek Peak from the southwest.

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